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ODPS Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles Methods for Obtaining Abstract of Driving Record

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By Post Office Mail

To obtain a prior three-year driving record of violations and accidents regarding any person, it is necessary to submit the full name, address, date of birth, Social Security number, and driver license number along with other information requested on form BMV 1173 ( Record Request). If inquiring about another individual's driving record, form BMV 5008 (Notarized Written Consent Release of Personal Information) must be also be completed, notarized, and submitted with form BMV 1173.

The fee for a driving record request by mail is $5.00. Please make check payable to the "Ohio State Treasurer." Allow 14-21 days to process.

CDL Records Request (Motor Vehicle Record)

CDL Records Request (Motor Vehicle Record)

As of January 30, 2015, all motor carriers must have a copy of a motor vehicle record (Ohio Driving Abstract) in the Driver's Qualification (DQ) file showing the medical status for non-excepted, interstate CDL drivers. To get a copy of a driving record that includes all required history and medical examiner certification information, please download form 1173, and follow the MVR 1173 form Instructions when filling out the record request. All requests must be mailed and there is a $5.00 fee per driving record request.

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Online Driving Records

The free online driving record system has been modified to be consistent with the Ohio point assessment and suspension law. The system permits drivers to obtain a record of all convictions within the past two years. The driving record will also reflect all open suspensions or revocations.Drivers are reminded that Ohio Revised Code (ORC 4510.037) provides that the Registrar of Motor Vehicles is required to impose a license suspension on all drivers who accumulate 12 points on their records during any two-year period. A list of points charged for various offenses can be found in ORC 4510.036.

Click HERE to access your unofficial driving record.

To obtain a certified copy of your driving record that includes information from the last three years, click HERE.

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Forms and Publications for Download

The above publications are available in Adobe Acrobat Portable Document Format (PDF). The PDF reader may be downloaded, free-of-charge, from the Adobe Web site.
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At Regional Driver License Reinstatement Centers

Regional Driver License Reinstatement Centers located throughout Ohio have the ability to issue copies of driving records (driver license abstracts) at their offices. Driving records may only be obtained by qualified individuals. Regional Service Center customers, and others who qualify to receive driving record information, may purchase driving records for themselves and for others, upon written consent.

A driver license abstract contains an individual's three-year record of violations and accidents.

Form BMV 1173 (Record Request) must be completed in order to receive a driver license record. This form can also be obtained at Regional Service Center locations.

An individual inquiring regarding himself or herself: (Complete Part A)
If inquiring in person for information on yourself, you must provide personal information regarding yourself and prove your identity by presenting your driver license or identification card.

An individual inquiring regarding another person: (Complete Parts A and B)
If inquiring regarding another individual, you must attach a notarized form BMV 5008 (Notarized Written Consent Release of Personal Information) granting the written consent of the person.

Check applicable reason for request on back of form BMV 1173 and present all required identification and complete parts A and B.

There is a fee of $5.00 for each driving record request. This cost includes information returned on a driving record request that does not match the information provided or is not found in the computer database. Make check or money order payable to the "Ohio State Treasurer."

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At a Local Deputy Registrar License Agency