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ODPS Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles Commercial Driver License (CDL)

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CDL Exemptions

The law exempts these categories from the CDL:
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To obtain a CDL you will need to pay the appropriate fees.

            • $10.00 for the pre-trip inspection portion of the test;
            • $10.00 for the off-road maneuvering portion of the test;
            • $30.00 for the on-road portion of the test.

The CDL applicant who schedules an appointment with the Ohio State Highway Patrol (OSP), may have to pay an appointment fee of $50.00 at the time he schedules the appointment. These fees are in addition to any fees

Click HERE to view the fees for the various types of commercial driver's licenses (CDL) issued.


Procedures for Obtaining a CDL or CDL Instruction Permit

To get a CDL or CDL instruction permit (CDIP) you are required to be at least 18 years of age and have a valid Ohio State driver's license.

NOTE: Employers may impose additional standards and/or higher age requirements.

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When applying for a renewal or upgrade of a CDL, all applicants shall:

            • Provide any updated information;
            • Pass a written hazardous materials test if wishing to retain or upgrade a hazardous materials endorsement;
            • Complete any additional testing requirements for an upgrade.

Individuals renewing a current Ohio driver license, Ohio commercial driver license (CDL), or Ohio identification (ID) card are no longer be required to present a Social Security card at an Ohio BMV license agency for verification at the time of renewal.



Both the knowledge (written) and skill (driving) tests are required to receive a CDL. A knowledge test is required for:

            • The class of vehicle;
            • Each endorsement; and
            • Removing the air brake restriction.

The skill test consists of a pre-trip inspection and a road test, and takes up to 90 minutes. You will need to provide a vehicle appropriate to the class of license you apply for, including a bus (designed to carry 16 or more persons including the driver) if applying for a passenger endorsement.

After a CDL is issued, adding a passenger endorsement, upgrading a license or removing a restriction requires both knowledge and skill tests and applicable fees.

All drivers who surrender the CDL license or any endorsement will be required to pay all applicable fees and retake both the knowledge and skill tests to obtain a CDL.

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Medical Waiver Procedures

All commercial drivers must meet minimum medical standards as established by federal (49 C.F.R.391) and state (Ohio Revised Code, Section 4506.10) rules and regulations.


Special Requirements

            • You are required to notify your employer if your license is suspended, revoked, or cancelled or if you are disqualified from operating a commercial vehicle. Do this before the end of the business day following the day you received notice of the action.
            • You must notify your employer, in writing, of all traffic convictions within 30 days. This includes those in your private automobile as well as a commercial vehicle.
            • You must notify the CDL/Out of State Processing Unit, in writing, of all out-of-state traffic convictions within 30 days of the conviction. Write to: Bureau of Motor Vehicles, P.O. Box 16784, Columbus, Ohio 43266-0084.

Mail information to: PUCO; 180 E. Broad Street, Columbus, Ohio 43215-3793.
Fax information to: (614) 752-8349
Any questions concerning an intrastate medical waiver should be directed to PUCO at 614-466-3191.

Requests for intrastate medical waivers are processed promptly and mailed to the driver. After receipt of the medical waiver, application can be made for a CDL license. The medical waiver and the CDL license must be carried at all times when operating a commercial vehicle.


Vision Screening

Qualifications for Commercial Interstate Driving Privileges:
            • Applicant must be binocular
            • Must achieve a minimum acuity of 20/40 in each eye with or without lenses
            • Must have a visual field of not less than 70 degrees in the horizontal meridian in each eye
            • An applicant who must meet the Federal 391 medical standards and is applying for a school bus endorsement or commercial driver license must meet the acuity, horizontal, and color test fields

Commercial Intrastate (Ohio only) Driving Privileges:
If unable to meet the above standards, an applicant for a commercial driver license may qualify for intrastate driving privileges (K2 restriction on license) if they meet normal Class D acuity and horizontal field standards.

CDL Waiver
The BMV does not offer a waiver to CDL drivers. If the driver has a K2 restriction (Ohio driving only) they must contact either PUCO or the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration to obtain a waiver to drive for a PUCO-regulated company in Ohio.

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ODPS | BMV | Ohio Driver License Information * All testing locations denoted with an asterisk have vehicles available to rent for testing purposes with the exception of the school bus test.