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ODPS Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles Random Selection


Random Selection

Any vehicle owner who fails to show proof that financial responsibility was in effect at the time his/her currently registered vehicle was chosen in the Random Selection Program will lose driving and registration privileges until all reinstatement requirements are met.

An individual can be automatically granted full driving privileges on a first offense without serving any suspension time, upon payment of the reinstatement fee and filing of the SR-22 or bond with the Bureau, provided no other suspensions are in effect.

Financial Responsibility Insurance (Form SR-22 or Bond) must be filed and maintained for three years.

Please refer to the Reinstatement Fee List for the required fee amount. If the registration, license plates and driver license are surrendered within a specified time period (received on or prior to suspension start date), $50 may be deducted from the amount owed. This fee reduction does not apply to individuals driving without a license because their license has expired or has been revoked, or to individuals who have never had a license.

In accordance with current law, all driver licenses and license plates received by the BMV will be destroyed. A duplicate driver license and license plates must be purchased by the driver and/or owner once suspensions end and all requirements are met.

Registration privileges and duplicate license plates can be issued if the necessary fees are paid and Financial Responsibility Insurance is filed.

Any party subject to a Random Selection suspension has the option to request an Administrative Hearing prior to the suspension taking effect or at any time during the suspension period.

For additional information concerning exemptions, inoperable or seasonal vehicles, please contact the Bureau's Columbus Office at (614) 752-7700.

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