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    Vision Requirement

    In order to qualify for a driver license or motorcycle license, you must meet Minimum Visual Acuity Standards.

    • The minimum vision for most drivers to qualify for an unrestricted license is 20/40.
    • The minimum requirement for an unrestricted license is 70 degrees of side vision in each eye.

    School Bus/CDL

    Applicants must meet federal 391 standards if applying for a school bus endorsement or commercial driver license.

    Ohio Revised Code: 4507.12

    Ohio Administrative Code: 4501:1-1-20

    Medical Restriction

    If there is a medical and/or vision condition that may affect driving, a two-part driver license may be required. A two-part driver license includes:

    • The driver license
    • A medical restriction card indicating the driver's requirements that must be carried with the license

    If a driver has an existing medical or vision condition, the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV) will mail an Exam Station Request for Statement of Physician (form BMV 2310) 45-60 days before the driver's requirement is due. The form must be completed and signed by a doctor and returned to the BMV.

    The BMV will mail the driver a new medical card and/or letter of instruction based on information listed on the form. If additional testing is required, the driver must take his or her letter of instruction to a driver exam station for testing. He or she also may be required to visit a deputy registrar license agency for a replacement license to be issued.

    Where Do I Go?

    Ohio Revised Code: 4507.081, 4507.20

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